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  • Snack Boxes


    When we talk about snacks, the most important thing is their packaging. It must preserve the flavor and taste till the end, just like the other food items. The requirement for lightweight snack boxes is higher since people eat snacks anytime. Therefore, food brands design them in unique styles because it is the best way to attract them for purchases. Not only the designs, their materials, and other manufacturing styles are important here. Being a food brand, you can access Paragon Box Printing to make stylish and durable packaging. We are familiar with the industry and know how to create innovative boxes for your products

  • Popcorn Boxes


    Personalized Popcorn Boxes are the new way of boosting your brand’s image. They have a sophisticated, polished appearance and are very simple. With their colorful appearance, shapes, sizes, and styles, they are ideal for making them perfect for every occasion. To invite more customers to your products, food brands prefer to use various design ideas. For this purpose, you need to choose creative designs. Paragon Box Printing offers unique design ideas for users. So, you can pick your favorite option, and we bring your imagination to reality.

  • Noodle Boxes


    Noodle Boxes are a type of disposable food container that is commonly used to serve Asian-style noodle dishes. Paragon Box Printing is now providing you with the best boxes. Our boxes are suitable for takeout and delivery orders because they are lightweight and easy to stack. Also, these boxes come with a secure lid that helps to prevent spills and leaks. They are also popular because they have a unique and attractive designs. It helps to enhance the overall look of the food. They are often decorated with colorful graphics and special designs.

  • Muffin Boxes


    To increase brand presence, a special style of Custom Muffin Boxes is important. Packaging for bakery products such as muffins is difficult because of their extreme sensitivity. As a result, bakers need to access Paragon Box Printing since we choose the most practical designs to protect them. Our packaging is light enough to carry easily and durable to bear the load of more numbers of muffins. We make them in all sizes for large orders. It is good to access our team for high-quality boxes.

  • Macaron Boxes


    Macaron is a type of French dessert that consists of two delicate meringue macarons sandwiched together with a creamy filling. Macaron Boxes are special containers that many use to store and transport macarons.  Paragon Box Printing is your best choice for customizing these boxes according to your needs. We make our boxes from cardboard or plastic. They come in a variety of sizes and styles to fit different quantities of macarons. We create high-quality packaging exactly as our customers want. And we never dissatisfy our customer’s needs.

  • Donut Boxes


    Every bakery that creates donuts is aware of how much their customers love these treats. But they are also aware of the need for packaging that makes their product stand out. When ten different donut boxes will be placed on the aisle, the customers will go to one that catches their eye. So, every brand needs to learn how to design and create catchy containers for their delicious treats. This is where Paragon Box Printing thrives. We allow our customers to design the package of their dreams while staying within their budget requirements. Moreover, the services that we provide include everything from the beginning to the end when the parcel is at your doorstep.

  • CupCake Boxes


    You cannot buy glee but you can get desserts and that is the same thing, right? Thus, confectioners make constant efforts to make their bakery items come on top of others of the same kind. You can go for cupcake boxes to make a worthy contribution in this aspect. The skill of making delicious muffins is just the start of a bakery shop. The next pace is to clutch the attention of the maximum target people for your products. So, to communicate with the audience, your marketing efforts ought to be superior. Paragon Box Printing offers a professional platform to design these boxes as per your concerns.

Hair Spray Boxes


Custom Hairspray Boxes are sales-boosting options for beauty brands. Women of all ages love to use products for hair to maintain their hairstyle. Everyone wants to use these products for the best hairstyling. Their elegant packaging is the best thing that makes them presentable in the market. Paragon Box Printing makes them in a way that you can use them to interact with their target audience. Therefore, they are the right medium through which brands influence their customers. No one can ignore their importance because they are the medium to make a place for businesses among rivals. They have smart features that improve the hair extension’s quality and sales.

Hair Extension Boxes


Marketing and branding have a huge role in doing a small business a big fish. They use various tactics to promote their business, and packaging is one of them. It is the best way to reflect your image and let people compare yours. The catchy Hair Extension Boxes can get good feedback due to the appealing presentation, even with low potential. When it comes to production, beauty brands must focus on their outlook. It is vital to make it unique and different from others. With the help of Paragon Box Printing, you can emphasize the packaging and showcase your products in an exceptional way. We use the best tricks to communicate with the buyers and convey your message.

Face Powder Boxes


Cosmetic items have been around for several years. It means women of all ages love to look good and pretty. With plenty of beauty brands, your unique packaging needs to make an impression. Thus, with the help of chic face powder boxes, you can convince your customers to make purchases. It is good to take help from Paragon Box Printing to print your stylish artwork as you want. We are the best option to create them within a small budget. Let us improve your brand reputation with our incredible offering of all types of packaging for your products. Our team knows about the latest trends and designs that can make you a popular name in the industry.

Eyeliner Boxes


Different types of makeup products, including eyeliners, are available in the market from various brands. For safe delivery of all these eyeliners, companies make use of highly durable and secure eyeliner boxes. Along with the safety measures, these boxes have their attraction with unique styles and designs. They come in various shapes and sizes, and various finishing options are available to make them more appealing. Paragon Box Printing is working as a reliable eyeliner box manufacturer that offers its customers a wide range of boxing styles, printing, finishing options, etc., for their packaging solution

Makeup Boxes


Makeup products are delicate and need proper storage. For transferring those over long distances, high-end Makeup Boxes are necessary. These boxes come in various sizes and shapes with inserts or without inserts. The designs of these boxes include various printing and finishing techniques, which make them look more attractive. These boxes are made of different materials like cardboard, rigid, Kraft, paperboard, etc. Paragon Box Printing is here to render its professional packaging services to make your makeup brand look amazing in the eyes of the target market. We offer you various customization options to make a unique identity.

Lip Gloss Boxes


Lip Gloss Packaging Boxes are one of the most sought-after packaging solutions. The reason is evident. Lip glosses are a popular beauty product among women, especially teenage girls. Thus, the demand for attractive and good packaging for this beauty essential is high, too. You can reach out to Paragon Box Printing for durable and visually pleasing packaging. We offer the most efficient printing and packaging solution to help you save time and money. Our unique and eye-catching packaging will help you attract more buyers.

  • Eco Friendly Soap Box


    Eco Friendly Soap Packaging Boxes are in use to deliver a variety of soaps like face soap, body soap, etc. These boxes come in different shapes and sizes, so you can choose them based on how big your soaps are. Also, these boxes are made with only recyclable materials like Kraft and cardboard, which is good for the environment. This kind of packaging can also be printed in different ways to give your goods a unique look. Brands make their soaps look better by adding delicate finishing touches and decorations. Customers can show how they are stylishly helping the environment by hiring the packaging service of Paragon Box Printing.

  • Square Soap Boxes


    Improve your product’s image and brand recognition with high-quality Square Soap Boxes. Most buyers use soap in their bathrooms, making it an important household object. Good quality square soap boxes are an inexpensive way to win over your target market. At Paragon Box Printing, we pride ourselves on our ability to look outside the box and deliver exceptional results for our customers. On bulk purchases, we offer free design help and delivery right to the customer’s door. Whatever style you have in mind for your soap box, our expert designers can make it a reality. We offer extensive packaging services to meet all of your needs.

  • Paper Soap Wrap


    Hygiene is a very important part of every person’s life. But without good paper soap wrap, good hygiene can not be assured. The critical thing is the way you package the soaps. Many companies place their items in cardboard boxes which is a good option. However, for small businesses, this option can increase your cost. What they need in this situation is paper soap wrap packaging. It is the perfect solution. Especially when brands consult Paragon Box Printing for packaging, then the deal is even more attractive. We offer excellent services along with design consultation support. Our material choices will ensure that the brand is always satisfied with its soap packaging

  • White Soap Boxes


    Most soap brands like to use elegant packaging for their soap bars. They do so as they desire to impress more audiences with their supplies. Paragon Box Printing understands the value of packaging in the soap industry. Our White Soap Boxes are unique in style and shape. Thus, they cast a lasting spell over the buyers. Designing riveting packages via us fulfills your all needs in one place. In short, we make these boxes in a way to direct contact with the shoppers to popularize and raise your products’ sales and demand